"Where we are tempted to speak of 'different senses' of a word which is clearly not equivocal, we may infer that we are in fact pretty much in the dark about the character of the concept which it represents."

— G.E.M Anscombe, Intention

What issues do people bring to philosophical counseling?

Here are a few quick sketches of real philosophical issues I have discussed with clients:

Edward's ex-wife has asked him for a large sum of money. His questions: Should he give it to her? What are the ethically relevant aspects of the situation?

Brenda is a few years out of college. She had thought she had a clear path, but is now not sure. Her questions: Were her goals really her own, or were they actually just other people's ideas about what would be good for her?

Quentin is flourishing in her work but does not feel that it is her "calling." At least she doesn't think so. Her questions: How would one know? Is it possible not to know whether one has a calling?

Thomas has taken early retirement and found that that he feels lost and depressed. His questions: What should be make of these feelings? What does this transition mean in the overall shape of his life?

Melissa is having trouble with her mother. Her questions: Is there a way to think clearly about her relationship with her mother? Are her expectations of the relationship reasonable?