"To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts ... but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates ... It is to solve some of the problems of life, not just theoretically, but practically."

— Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Philosophical Counseling

Do I believe in what I'm doing? Can I look at my choices in a new light? How can I think about my life more profoundly? Should I take this job? Am I in a sound relationship? What is my responsibility to the care of my parents? My companion animal is ill; the treatment is risky — how do I decide what to do?

In philosophical counseling, we approach life's difficult questions with an open mind, seriousness, and respect for our capacity to think critically and objectively. A powerful alternative to emotion-targeted practices of psychotherapy, philosophical counseling focuses on using our reason to deeply investigate the principles and concepts that shape our thoughts; we emphasize critical thinking techniques, conceptual analysis and careful probing of basic assumptions and beliefs.

I specialize in issues of ethics, the nature of values, and moral psychology. My approach to philosophy is particularly indebted to the work of 20th century british philosophers Elizabeth Anscombe, Peter Geach, and Philippa Foot. The canonical philosophers who have been especially influential to my work include Aristotle, Hume and Rousseau.

I offer consultations in-person, through video (iChat, Skype), and by telephone.

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